January Meeting News

At the January 2017 meeting, Vincent Lawson talked about one of the fundamentals of photography, perspective. This will be the first in a series of fundamentals talked about each month by different members.
Also Jeff Byrd discussed some free software for creative people. And remember, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s not good. Some are better than the paid alternatives.

Contest:Long exposure & night shots and the YLP: A-Z and a open photoshare! Don’t miss our first meeting of the year. Note:  These are moved to Feb as meeting was held at Dairy Queen.

Here are the links:

A list of the software and a link to download it.

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2016 Banquet

Members enjoyed dinner at annual banquet.

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Year Long Project due at Feb. 2017 meeting

We encourage everyone to participate in this YLP. It is due at the February meeting. (Originally due at Jan meeting.  Due to logistics issues with meeting room, due date is now Feb.) It can be submitted any way you like including but not limited to a photobook, poster or a slide show. Be creative and shoot some new photos!

It involves taking photos of images that represent the letters of the alphabet, which can be done in three different ways:
Letter: Firstly, you can simply capture images of letters that you see about. This will open your eyes to the world around you and encourage you see in a more photographic way.
Object: Instead of seeing a physical letter on a sign, look for objects that represent the same shape as the letter that you’re trying to capture such as an s-shape in a river. This is slightly more difficult but will have more positive effects as you you’re forced to look a little deeper into what you see around you.
Action or object: Rather than looking for a physical letter, look for an action or object that represents one. This sounds easier than the other two – all you have to do is think of 26 actions or objects – but it’s really not. Not only do you have to find these naturally occurring actions or objects but you they need to be easily recognized by anyone looking at the image too.
You can mix up the 3 ways as long as you end up with all 26 letters represented. You need to start now because November will be here before you know it.

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Website contributors wanted.

If you would like to post or write articles for our blog send me a message. You must be a paid active member to do so.

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Contest rules

Contest Rules Changes
Several months back the Board of Governors revised the rules for our monthly competition. It was decided that 11×14 was the largest print size that can be entered. This size is for the image area only, the mat/border can be larger. Mats, plastic sleeves or frames can be used to protect or enhance the display of the photograph although they are not required. Photos that exceed this size will not be judged but they will be displayed.
Also, two existing rules still apply:
You have to be a member in good standing to enter.
You can only have 4 entries per contest.

The contest is designed to get the members involved in shooting new images, trying new ideas and making great photos. The contest are based on themes and images should reflect the members interpretation of the theme.

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